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What Is Hacking?Who can be a Hacker?

Well the question is quiet simple,but i choose to explain it basically so that every one can understand it.

Before that i must say,don't be interested to hacking by seeing images of hacker like the one above,if you think you wanna be portrayed as above,all you need to learn is Photoshop :)
Most of us,in Our childhood must have had toys.When we have one we try to know how it functions,by somehow opening it and once we know its working, we try to alter it to our own wish even though most of us fail!
A hacker has same mind set where he try to break through the security measures applied by the application or website makers.When we hear the name hacker first thing that comes to our mind is he will hack our facebook,twitter,computer and everything.Even though a very elite hacker may know to bypass the security of all these ,mostly they may not . What i mean is may be a hacker know to bypass security of webpages but not to crack games but still he is a hacker.
In simple words,Hacking is a mindset.
Never think the hackers are just like the ones portrayed by Hollywood movies,with a black screen and green letters and where he could do anything with just two or three lines or may be words.Hacking isn't that simple.
Now,Who can be a hacker.Anyone who has this mindset can be a hacker.But a hacker always keep learning more and more and keep himself up to date.Some elite hackers know almost every scripting and programming languages exceptionally well.They use their knowledge for exploit.

There are Three types of hackers

White Hat

These are people who use hacking for providing security to the website owners and they test to hack the webpage or server they got permission for and if they find any exploit or flaw, they will inform it and will help to fix it so that these errors and flaws will not be exploit by any other especially black hats.

Gray Hat
They usually doesn't work for any company or institution, they work on their own.They hack servers or websites without prior permission but doesn't use it for personal gain,instead they deface it or somehow take developers attention to the exploit.Some of them do hack to gain popularity.
Black Hat
These are the guys you should fear because they hack into networks,servers,websites,etc for their personal gain.They wont be authenticated.Usually white hat hacker's job is to defend against the black hats.

Hope  you got some idea about the topic.Feel free to send me suggestion for the next topics or if you have any questions . 


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