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Hack Invite Code To Register - Hack The Box

Recently I found another website that have more advanced hacking challenges...I know I need to cover other websites which i have promised you but something in this website is interesting.For registering in this website,you need to hack and get an invite code.So, I thought to deviate from our regular topic and talk about it.


They are asking invite code for registering.As usual i checked source-code of the page.Since I found nothing suspicious,I started looking at JavaScript and found one that seems can help me.

<script defer src="/js/inviteapi.min.js"></script>

I visited the js..There is a script and i found some keywords from that like "log","invite","verifyInviteCode","makeInviteCode"
I went back to our registration page now right clicked and selected inspect.


 Try typing in each keyword and check if function exist.

I got output when i checked verifyInviteCode();
But, there was no help from that

when I checked makeInviteCode();
I found something encrypted!
Encryption type is specified in it as base64.
so i used an online base64 decoder for decoding it!

The information i got was:

In order to generate the invite code, make a POST request to /api/invite/generate

hurreehh!! we are almost there now we know where to look for
but if you directly visit the page by

you will get error because its specified clearly , we need to use a post request!
How to do it? no need to code something new its right in our reg page
in the page, right click and select inspect
you will see
change form action to:

Now, type something in input and hit sign up.

you get something informative!!

I got this


We have the code but in encrypted form!
To find which encryption is used, goto

Hash Type Checker

now paste the code and check which is encryption type,I got base64
then goto 

Base64 Decode

for decoding base64 and i got my invite code!

Isn't it  a spoiler?
No! the invite code differ for each person and so you will get your own code!


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