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Basics You Should Know to Analyze a Website

I recently realized that,giving walk through wont help half of the beginners..even i have struggled initially to make my own moves without knowing how other analysts are thinking..
So, Lets dive into some basic web tags which will help you know what the site is doing and analyzing. 

Every website should have this basic structure...

Every web design is  structured using Hyper Text Markup Language.
the code of HTML is written between <html> and </html>
[opening and closing html tags]
<head> tag is where we import important things such as CSS or JS files ..we also define CSS and JS within the head tag.Within head opening and close tags there is title tag which defines the title of the page.Then we have body tag,this is where the content of web-page is written.This is were we have to make a close look for analyzing.
<div> tag is used for defining divisions..its simply a separate unit or area and we write contents of div withing opening and closing div.
<div id='header'>HEADING</div>

In above example,div tag is given an id 'header' an id is a unique name given to anything ,like div body or any tag of HTML to uniquely identify it..this name is used in future for calling this div in java-script or for defining styles of this div in CSS.

<div class='header'>HEADING</div>

class is similar to id but the difference is that same class name can be used for different tags.

<div class='name'>Mont3</div>
<div class='name'>Cris7o</div>

here,two div use same class name which is not possible in the case of id.

<b>BOLD</b>   b tags are used for making a text bold

<u>Underline</u> used for giving underline

<i>italic</i> giving italic style

<br> br tag is used for giving break..there is no closing tag for br 


  1. home
  2. contact
  • home
  • contact
usually we use list with some css atributes for making menu
ol stands for ordered list ul for unordered list
<font color='red' family='arial'></font> used for styling font ..this is rarely used nowadays because CSS is used for all these purpose.

If you are on a webpage and saw some awesome heading or menu and if you wanna know the code behind it, just right click on it and select inspect, you will probably see a div and notice the id or class of it and using viewsource code look for the css or java code that uses this id or class.

Though these are just basics you need to know how to understand a web page..for that you need to learn some more basics,for that visit and learn from 



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